Constructions Site Toilet Hire Hygiene Is Important for Many Reasons

Hygiene on a construction site can be a tricky subject to bring up. However, with our construction site toilet hire you will be able to stay on top the hygiene on site. It can be an arduous task to keep yourself and clean. Washing your hands just to get them dirty again seems illogical. There are a certain level of health and safety regulations that need to be met on a construction site and hygiene is one of them. Our toilets can keep your crew in tip top condition.

Whilst a lot of construction sites will state that they have no issues with hygiene. It can be worth knowing that hygiene encourage on site also encourages you to keep with good hygiene at home. This helps reduce cross contamination, making sure that your staff members are healthy.

Construction Site Toilet Hire Hygiene Keeping Workers Healthy

Water – clean drinking water is essential when it comes to working on site. Especially in the summer those hot days require your workers take in a lot more water that you normally would. The places where water is available need to be clearly labelled. Particularly when there areas with non-drinking water. These must be labelled correctly to avoid any health and safety violations.

Toilet Facilities – Portable toilets on construction sites are required for every 20 employees or less. They must also accommodate for each gender on the site. So if you had 32 men and 11 women you would need 3 bathroom facilities. If, however, you have less than 5 people on site then separate toilets do not need to be provided. We provide construction toilet hire contracts. If you would like to know more you can find out by clicking on the construction tab or you can call us today.