Festival Toilet Hire and Events in The UK

Festivals and toilet have long since gone hand in hand. Festival toilets have developed a lot over the years. Going from a simple hole in the ground to becoming stylish portable toilets that give you a toilet experience much like your own home. Our units are of an excellent standard and are always kept clean. We offer luxury units that have hand washing stations already built, or for larger events we offer separate hand washing stations. This helps co-ordinate the large number of people washing their hands, it is also the for an option for those festival goers who do not need the lavatory but still need to wash their hands.

Festival Toilets for Hire in Your Area

Festival toilets often get a bad rap; however, we offer a toilet experience like now other. We understand the difficulties of catering for such a large audience. Accommodating everybody’s needs can be hard but we can do it and have done it. Festivals such as Download, or the Isle of White have been using our toilets for their events.

Our toilets save space and therefore reduce the amount of queuing. As many people understand, festival toilets are usually frequented by people who have had little bit to drink, so reducing the amount of queuing and keeping the toilets clean is essential.

We also offer disabled toilets and baby changing this also aids with accommodating for more people. Baby changing facilities at festivals can be hard to come by, not many people feel comfortable taking their children to festivals but it is actually a really good experience. In order for families to enjoy their experience more we want to offer toilets that accommodate for them.  Therefore, making their experience as stress free as possible.

If you would like to find out more about our toilet hire services you can click through to our website or call us today.