Toilet Hire Can Seem Like a Daunting Task but We Are Here to Help

A lot of people find toilet hire to be an intimidating time, we are here to put those fears to rest. Much like any situation if you are prepared toilet hire is a doddle. When you are hiring a toilet there isn’t a catch. Certain information needs to be provided before the order or a quote can begin. In this article we will outline some questions that you will need to ask yourself before you begin your order. Nothing scary, it’s all a rather simple process.

How many days will you need the toilets for?

Of course depending on how long you will be hiring the toilets for will change the rate. Whether it is for a weekend event or for long construction process, it will all depend. It is important to be honest and give yourself the time you need. If you feel like the project could last a while you need to establish this.

Toilet Hire Questions You’ll Need to Answer


This is something that a lot of people neglect to think about. They think about hiring a toilet and do not think about whether or not they will need hand washing stations, or basins within the portable toilet room. Again, you need to think about what these toilets are going to be used for. Some construction sites require a hand washing facility with the toilets.

How many?

How many toilets will you need? If you are hosting an event this will be easy to calculate by ticket sales. If, however, you are arranging the toilet hire before the event goes live you’ll need to look at your projections.

There are of course other questions that will need to be asked but these are the main ones. The ones that you will need to think about before you begin your order. Should you need more advice you can call us today.